Torryburn Bay where Lillias Adie was buried

The Witches’ Walk

Lillias Adie was an elderly peasant woman, possibly with learning difficulties, who was accused of witchcraft in 1704. She died, probably after being tortured, in prison. To stop her being reanimated by the devil and returning to the village, she was buried between the high and low tide marks at the bay in Torryburn, a village in Fife.

The site of her grave was rediscovered just a few years ago. A plaque in her memory now sits in the shore opposite her grave. Two more plaques were put in place to commemorate those killed as witches during the period 1563 – 1736 and these make up the West Fife Witches’ Trail, below.

You can miss out the second plaque and instead walk around the ash lagoons and the now landlocked Preston Island, which also avoids some of the road section. This does make the route longer.

The Details


TIME: 1.5 hours

MAP: OS Landranger 65

PARK: Car park on the right at the end of Torryburn village. Also car parks in Culross if you wish to do the walk the other way

The Route

Turn right (west) from the car park at the west end of Torryburn to follow the shore. On reaching a pavement, continue in the same direction and look for a plaque on the left, just before you pass below a railway bridge.

At a marker post for the Fife Pilgrim Way, bear left to follow a path between houses to reach a small playground and then continue along the coast (which is the other side of a railway line).

At a playing field, bear left to continue along the shore. After passing Delta Cottage, take a path on the left, with another marker post at its start.

After passing a short way though woodland, go right at a litter bin to reach a main road, where you go left.

Once you have crossed a bridge over Bluther Burn, cross the road (carefully) to find a second plaque – below an information board at the entrance to Valleyfield Wood. Re-cross the road, go right and keep left at a junction, following the route of the Fife Coastal Path.

At a sign marking the start of Low Valleyfield, leave the road on a path to the left which swings right then follows the train line again.

At a junction just before a car park, go up steps to the left, turning left at the top.

Cross the railway and follow the path down to a junction, where you go left.

At a junction, stay on the main track by the railway to walk through woodland to the shore.

Go right at a junction to go over a pedestrian level crossing, following a surfaced path going left on the other side. This leads to the centre of Culross – on the other side of a small football pitch is an information board next to a bus stop, below which is a third plaque.


CHILDREN:  Three playgrounds passed on the way. The first is by the car park in Torryburn, the second on the route in Torryburn, the third at Culross. Some sections walking along a main road. Pedestrian level crossing.

DOGS: Some sections alongside a main road. Off-lead potential through the woods. Multi-use litter bins along the way. Pedestrian level crossing.

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