Forestry is an issue which can often divide opinion and it was interesting to hear about the Save the Gretas campaign against a proposed plantation near Largs.
Those opposed say the trees will ruin what is a wonderful local resource but with the developers having to run a rural business, a balance has to be found.
Whether this means changing the proposal or moving it somewhere else is in the hands of many interested parties. But we should aim to have balance in decisions about the future of forestry, as well as many other aspects of Scotland’s countryside. It is an issue I wrote about when describing Loch an Eilein in the Cairngorms in the latest edition of The Scots Magazine:
“The land reform agenda is a great opportunity to discuss how rural Scotland is shaped and used, but when it comes to forestry there is no sign anything on the ground will actually change.
“There is no doubt that planting trees is good for the environment and their use in buildings is relatively carbon friendly, but at what cost to the landscape of Scotland? More sympathetic planting is underway but you only have to look at areas where felling has taken place to see how they can leave scars for several years.
“We must balance the need for trees with the need for pleasant surroundings for tourists to visit, nature to thrive and Scotland to retain its natural character – maybe somewhere like Loch an Eilein.”
Go to the Save the Gretas Facebook page to find out more about the campaign.

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