Despite having strong views, particularly about rural Scotland, I am no politician. This came home to me on a walk through Faskally Wood earlier this month when discussing the annual sound and light extravaganza which is the Enchanted Forest.

Fifteen years ago, when the show started, I had a rather curmudgeonly attitude to the attraction which to me was a sad state of affairs because ‘you shouldn’t need to light up nature to make people appreciate it’.

But a couple of weeks ago, when walking round Loch Dunmore, which is illuminated every autumn, I recalled how much my opinion has changed (this u-turn is the bit which proves I’m no politician). Now, it is a highlight of the year in our house and not just because of the tradition of having fish and chips before the show starts.

One of the best memories is when my youngest saw an actor standing below a tree bathed in yellow light dressed in robes like a monk. In a loud stage whisper the then four year old announced “There’s God!”

Away from the ethereal experiences of the Enchanted Forest production the area is still a great place to wander, at any time of year. It is far more peaceful and there is the chance of seeing a resident kingfisher but that does not necessarily mean it is better, just different.

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